With all the pressing matters in our nation, it is imperative we come together not only to voice our opinions but to provided obtainable solutions. There has been a lot of focus on the Millennial’s, but our future will be with Generation Z, those born between 1995-2010. Let's teach them how they can impact their futures by the actions and decisions they make today. Help us build our children from the inside out through mental, physical and spiritual growth, motivating each and every one of them to reach the magnitude of greatness they were meant to.

YBE will be providing community outreach, arts and physical fitness activities, as well as business building and life skills to youth ages 10 and up. We have participated in several feeding the homeless events and town hall meetings with local community activist Stacee Hill of Confident Woman International, Inc. and look forward to making an impact on our own. With your support, by purchasing apparel, donating goods and volunteering with us, we feel we will be instrumental to Generation Z giving them the opportunity to engage in discussions that will affect their futures.

The vision behind the mission

Family and community has always been important to Charles and ShiCara Holiday but passing that passion down to their children was something they were having trouble with. After having their children, Ja'lyn, Tionna and Charlize, participate in community service projects the children actually came with an idea that would grow to be Young Black Excellence. 


Being with an older crowd and not seeing many people their age, Tionna and Charlize thought it would be a great idea to start their own organization focusing on giving back to the community but for people 10 and older to get involved.

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