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Our Supporters

Every good person has a strong GREAT person behind them. That is no different when it comes to a group or organization. In order to do what we do, we have to have strong people standing behind us to push us forward. We wish we could shout out every individual that have given us a hand over the years, trust me that day is coming, but we also have a few organizations and businesses that give us a few of our missing pieces. 

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Holiday Consulting Group specializes in small business branding. They are the exclusive designer of not only our website, but all of our flyers and outside communication. 

Contact them for any design needs you have

Confident Woman International is the spark of YBE. We began helping out their causes and began to realize there is another demographic of people who need our help. 


Find out more about them by visiting

or email at 

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spinealign logo.png

SpineAlign Center is a black-owned, woman owned chiropractic office in the city of Atlanta. If you are looking for an alternative healing method, want to stop or avoid taking medications or maintain a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic is a viable option. 

Drop by the office at 

1195 Fairburn Rd SW Suite 150

Atlanta, GA 30331

Visit their website at

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