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     It starts
         with a vison


When in relationship with God, one must understand their responsibilities to Him and His people. Once you begin to understand how your relationships effect one another, you begin to understand that caring for His people is the greatest honor you can give God. 


Our goals are simple, to love and care for the Kingdom in ways that build, encourage, motivate, educate, inspire and help people people prosper.


Here are just a few of the ways we aspire to make that happen. 

Burial Plot Clean-up

Family Tree

Have you ever seen overgrown cemeteries and burial plots and wonder, "Who cleans these?" or "Does their families know they are here?" We did and we want to di something about it!!  We will be clearing cemeteries and attempting to contact the families of the fallen. You never know, it may close chapters in lives. We understand, we will need a lot of help and it will take a lot of work to make this happen. We are up for the job!!

Cemetery 7.jpg

Community Care

Food is not a Privilege
R (2).jpg

No one should go hungry, especially in a place where we are constantly throwing away healthy greens, meats and baked goods.....GOOD FOOD!! Homelessness is not a prescription for hunger or disease. It is a symptom of need. Need for more resources and even hope. We commit to do our best to feed the homeless community with healthy, well balances meals, provide them with clothing, shoes and personal hygiene products. We commit to locating resources for resume building, education, skill building and much more. 

Paying Homage

R (1).jpg

The abundance of knowledge we can received from our elders is unmeasurable. The stories and messages they can give us would change the course of a generation. So many of those stories are unheard because our elderly are in retirement or convalescent homes, many with no families coming to visit. YBE yearns to hear those stories and put a smile on the faces of OUR history. We will have a regular schedule of visiting these places, bringing socks to warm the heart and love to warm their souls.

Respecting our Elders

Knowledge is Power

Politics Change Lives

At what age were you taught there are more than just presidential elections that effect your life? In many cases, its not until you are adults that we know the importance of the mayor, city council and school board members. We have to make sure our youth knows the importance of local elections and how they impact their lives even more than the presidential election. Voting power is the key that will give our community the advantage we need to make real change in a system of disenfranchisement. 

We commit to building a team and a curriculum that invokes a voting mindset long before eight-teen. We need eager people at the polls and we intend to educate them.

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